February Roundup.

Happy Leap Year, everybody! It is a cliche thing to say, but damn this year is zooming by. The end of a month is a good time to look back and reflect on certain things that made the month either amazing or bearable.

For me, I would think about my essentials, daily routine and how certain products have worked their way into becoming a crucial part of my life. Well, my life in February at least. Who knows what March might bring and who might be knocked out of my precious routine.


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1. MCM glasses

Future post alert on these babies I bought late January and been wearing to death all February. MCM eyewear is now more readily available in many optical stores and they have expanded their sunglasses and spectacles range. The ones I have are the MCM2600A model, which are rather large and oversized but that is precisely the reason why I love them so much. From the colour to the fit, I fell in love with these hardcore. More on this soon!


2. ZOEVA 227 Luxe Soft Definer

You can read more about my absolutely essential eye brushes here. These things are so crucial to my makeup game that I can never be without it. As I tried to experiment more with my eye makeup this month, I realised again how amazing these affordable brushes are.


3. CATRICE Glossy Lip Glow

A super random addition to my ‘handbag makeup’ but this Catrice lipgloss is something I quickly became obsessed over throughout the month of February. Catrice is a drugstore brand from Europe that makes good quality, affordable makeup that is very “on trend”. It’s not the most ‘luxe’ looking thing in the world, but its so affordable and such a joy on the lips.

I initially bought this intrigued by the ‘Lip Glow’ title. It reminded me of the Dior Lip Glow in gloss form. To be honest, I had zero expectations for this gloss, as I sampled the entire ‘Lip Glow’ range from Catrice. Fast forward to the present and I’m already a quarter through this gloss because its so incredibly moisturising while giving a very subtle tint to the lips. That subtle tint is perfection. I can wear this without a shred of makeup and it keeps me looking less corpse-like. Furthermore it’s scentless, tasteless and absolutely FLAWLESS.


4. Too Faced Hangover RX Replenishing Primer

HOW IS THIS NOT IN SINGAPORE STILL?! I have been waiting for this primer to be sold in Sephora since Autumn 2014 when it first launched in the US. We’re well into 2016 and it’s still not here. I grew impatient and decided to buy it online from Beautylish. I had to pay for shipping but it was worth it.

This primer is a daily staple and I’m almost out. It’s a moisturising primer that is silicone free. I personally have oily skin, yet I find that this primer keeps my face well-balanced throughout the day. It has electrolytes from Coconut Water as well as probiotics to provide skincare benefits along with its priming action. In a pinch, I can even use this as a replacement for my day moisturizer. I’m going to be so, so gutted when I actually run out of this because Beautylish no longer stocks Too Faced. *cue my frantic screams of panic*


5. Netflix

Another thing that we were late on the bandwagon. However, I will happily jump on this one because their website and app is LIFE for people who want access to a variety of movies and TV shows in HD. It is still in its initial stages and I am currently waiting for them to expand on their current selection of movies & TV series, perhaps even add more international titles. Imagine how much they can make if they started streaming Korean Dramas. Currently, I am addicted to ‘Suits‘ (in fact, it is playing as I am typing this out) and I have rediscovered the magic of Quentin Tarantino.



6. Black tote from ‘Miles To Go

I normally¬†refer to this as my ‘giant black hole with straps’. It’s astonishing what I can fit inside this thing. My MacBook Air, makeup, books… the list goes on. It’s a real life version of that Beaded Pouch that Hermione carries. I bought this in Perth at a local Bookstore because I loved this quote from Kurt Vonnegut. But you are able to purchase this online as well, with a wider selection of literary quotes.

I didn’t realise how versatile a black tote bag was. The only annoying factor would be that it does take a while for me to dig things out. Sometimes I find myself standing there, rummaging through my bag for a good 5 minutes trying to locate my house keys. But it’s a small price to pay considering how it matches every outfit I decide to throw on and is the perfect bag for everyday.


So there’s a roundup of all the fabulous bits and bobs that I loved in February. More to come in March!

Avada Kedavra My Heart!

Everyone, hold up! Hold the phone, the hotline-bling, the everything!

Drop whatever it is you are doing, because I just received this in my email inbox and I almost had a heart attack.


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.00.10 pm


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts I & II)

*cue* Crazy screaming, jumping up and down, gigantic grins. The brain is going, “AKSJFSBFSJFB”

The book itself is a continuation of the Harry Potter series. But it’s good to note that it is a script of the play that will be premiering in July 2016. It is also written by Jack Thorne, the director of the play, in collaboration with JK Rowling. For those who don’t live in London and can’t afford to fly there, this book is the only thing we’ve got. It isn’t the traditional narrative we are used to, and I’m sure that the experience of the play is infinitely better. But reading the script is better than nothing.

It will be interesting to see the response.

For my fellow 90s peeps, the ones who properly grew up in the 90s and are not just following a ’90s trend’, you guys will understand the gravity of this email. Harry Potter is my childhood. The characters are practically non-fictional in my mind. They exist to me, because they are so familiar. It’s like meeting an old friend.

Some people are saying that JK Rowling is beating a dead horse. Here’s the thing… I don’t care. I don’t care because I get to “see” Harry again. The REAL Harry, not fan-fiction Harry. I get to go to Hogwarts again.

The book/script is on pre-order. That means it will be released soon! I cannot contain my excitement. You can bet your butt that I’ve pre-ordered a copy! Book Depository is possibly my favourite site in the world. Amazing wholesale book prices with free international shipping. That’s crazy talk. My packages are never lost. And even though they ship from the UK, it doesn’t take a decade for it to reach me! *cough* ASOS *cough*

I cannot recommend Book Depository enough! I remember the long lines at Borders (a big bookstore that sadly closed down), waiting for the doors to open and getting my hands on the books. I remember my devastation after reading the final book in the series and crying for days, because I couldn’t believe it was over. It felt like my childhood was over, as dramatic as that sounds.

Now it’s not over! And I can put my “adulthood” on pause, while I have a few hours of blissful escape into the wizarding world.