Avada Kedavra My Heart!

Everyone, hold up! Hold the phone, the hotline-bling, the everything!

Drop whatever it is you are doing, because I just received this in my email inbox and I almost had a heart attack.


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.00.10 pm


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts I & II)

*cue* Crazy screaming, jumping up and down, gigantic grins. The brain is going, “AKSJFSBFSJFB”

The book itself is a continuation of the Harry Potter series. But it’s good to note that it is a script of the play that will be premiering in July 2016. It is also written by Jack Thorne, the director of the play, in collaboration with JK Rowling. For those who don’t live in London and can’t afford to fly there, this book is the only thing we’ve got. It isn’t the traditional narrative we are used to, and I’m sure that the experience of the play is infinitely better. But reading the script is better than nothing.

It will be interesting to see the response.

For my fellow 90s peeps, the ones who properly grew up in the 90s and are not just following a ’90s trend’, you guys will understand the gravity of this email. Harry Potter is my childhood. The characters are practically non-fictional in my mind. They exist to me, because they are so familiar. It’s like meeting an old friend.

Some people are saying that JK Rowling is beating a dead horse. Here’s the thing… I don’t care. I don’t care because I get to “see” Harry again. The REAL Harry, not fan-fiction Harry. I get to go to Hogwarts again.

The book/script is on pre-order. That means it will be released soon! I cannot contain my excitement. You can bet your butt that I’ve pre-ordered a copy! Book Depository is possibly my favourite site in the world. Amazing wholesale book prices with free international shipping. That’s crazy talk. My packages are never lost. And even though they ship from the UK, it doesn’t take a decade for it to reach me! *cough* ASOS *cough*

I cannot recommend Book Depository enough! I remember the long lines at Borders (a big bookstore that sadly closed down), waiting for the doors to open and getting my hands on the books. I remember my devastation after reading the final book in the series and crying for days, because I couldn’t believe it was over. It felt like my childhood was over, as dramatic as that sounds.

Now it’s not over! And I can put my “adulthood” on pause, while I have a few hours of blissful escape into the wizarding world.

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