My First Short Film

I am back from the dead.

I like to think that having a website is a good idea for personal branding and a good place for me to share. But to be honest, I haven’t been updating this site ever since I started my full-time job. Plus, I have been taking a part time diploma on the side as well, hence, my packed schedule.

Fortunately for my readers (if there were any to begin with), my semester is coming to a close and my social life will basically evaporate into nothingness as my closest friends and boyfriend have fled the country to pursue their own things (jobs, studies, etc), leaving me behind in the dust.

Not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but basically, I shouldn’t have any excuse to not post on here anymore. Plus I truly want to resuscitate this old website back to life. I have a bunch of cool content that I want to write about and loads of ideas. Even though I write for a living, I don’t always get to write what I want. And word vomit is not really what clients want. So it’s great that I get to portray the unedited side of me here.

Raw, uncut and in its full glory.


If that isn’t a major ‘that’s what she said’ moment, I don’t know what is.

So my first post, in a long time, is actually very special one. It’s close to my heart and I’m really proud of it, considering I had a tight deadline to achieve it. For my major project in school, I decided to make a short film that visually captures one of the poems I wrote. This is one of the poems in my self-published book (that is still available for order *shameless plug*), called ‘Girl’. It’s really special to me and I really hope you guys enjoy my short film on it.

I’m hoping to do more of these in future, with better equipment (fingers crossed) and better skills.

Click play below, sit back and enjoy!

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