Visual Diary #6 : Art Museum Adventures

I’m back with another entry in my Visual Diary series. In this episode, Calvin and I visit art museums in Singapore. It gets quite mundane here in the tiny red dot, so we are constantly racking our brains on anything new or interesting to do.

This was a fun excursion, even though you guys can have a laugh at how unbelievably lame we are, struggling to be artsy and interpret contemporary art works.

It was a fun day overall, and I thought I would bring you guys with me.



  1. thewanderingbroski · February 13, 2017

    Very nice Hanan, museums are great but like you said they can get boring after a while!

    Really like your vlog though! If you have time check out my latest travel vlog from snowy Lake Tahoe in California!

    Keep it up!


    • Hanan. · February 15, 2017

      Thanks, man! So glad you enjoyed it. I’ll definitely check yours out 🙂 Love travel vlogs!

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