Lights. Camera. Instagram.

The simple days are gone where you can just take a grainy selfie with horrible lighting and post it on your MySpace or Facebook page. It’s all about aesthetic now. And even the average Instagram user will have a feed filled with good quality photos. It’s the digital generation and it’s all about the life that we portray online. People go cafe-hopping in search of the most “instagram” worthy or “Tumblr-like” interiors. Singaporeans are obsessed with finding new, cool places to Instagram. Which, despite its superficial intentions, is actually a great way to get Singaporeans to explore our island bit more.

As a homebody, I tend to get really lazy to leave the house. I usually prefer staying home, with a snack and Netflix. However, the photos that popped up on my Instagram explore page as well as the people I followed sparked an interest in me. I am, of course, referring to the i Light Marina Bay Light Art Festival that has been ongoing in Marina Bay Sands for about a month now.





The whole festival is about merging art and environmental science. The already spectacular Marina Bay Sands is now even more brightly lit with Art Installations all around the area, including the Float. There are several “stations” where people can look and even interact with the Light Installations. My curiosity finally got the better of me and I made the trip there to check out the scene.

The place is buzzing! On top of the actual Light Art Festival, there is also a carnival set up with very nostalgic childhood rides, such as carousels, slides and fair booths. There was also live music playing from “Pasarbella Goes to Town“, which is an outdoor food festival event with various stalls selling beer, snacks and unique international dishes. The stalls were littered in a  circle around a low stage where a live band was playing some acoustic versions of popular “Top 40” songs. The atmosphere is really lovely and it almost felt like I was transported elsewhere. But the looming city skyline confirms that we were in fact, still in Singapore.



thumb_DSC00500_1024 copythumb_DSC00498_1024


Back to the actual festival itself, the light installations each have a different story and there are guided tours you can go on. Otherwise, you can just read the placards beside each station that explain the artist and what each station is about.

The carnival separate from the installations and do offer rides like bumper cars and such. However, they were pretty overpriced. It’s good enough to just walk around and enjoy the “funfair” environment. And of course, take lots of pictures!





thumb_DSC00527_1024 copy


The whole festival is a major gathering of snap-happy people. And I can definitely see why! The lights are stunning, especially against the city skyline. Furthermore, they are colourful and quite magical, something definitely out of the ordinary for Singapore. Even if you weren’t there to take cool photos to post on your Instagram feed, I feel that the festival itself is a great experience to be shared with friends and family. It’s a good place for a date too! There are bubbles floating everywhere from one of the stations, which instantly brings out the inner child in everyone. Musical motion sensors that make musical notes with each movement. Lights, food and the hustle and bustle of people.




The festival is free admission for all, another amazing perk.

Mind you, these photos were taken by a regular point and shoot, by me (aka an absolute NOOB at photography). Hence, it really doesn’t take much to take an amazing photo and create great memories. I also learnt quite bit about the environment and sustainable energy.







Perhaps a very belated post, but this is to urge all you lazy-bums like me to check out the iLight Marina Bay Light Art Festival that will be ending on 27th March.

It’s truly worth it. Not just for the potentially amazing photos you can take or the amount of “likes” you might get in your Instagram post, but more so to enjoy the actual art installations. Their clever use of light to create lovely images, reliving your youth, enjoying the outdoors and having a moment with your loved ones. It’s nice to have a different type of activity to enjoy, besides shopping around in Singapore.

Truly worth the effort! Lazy Person Approved!


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